Romantic Lovers: Essential Tips For Romance

Creating romance

Love and Romance is the lifeblood of a successful marriage…

Of course there are times when neither spouse feels particularly romantic toward the other especially after a disagreement… this is part of the swings and roundabouts of normal married life.

It is important to put disagreements quickly behind you, never let them fester, after all your spouse is the person that means the most to you.

Romantic lovers are not only concerned about sex.

As a couple gets older, sex plays a less important but nevertheless essential role in a loving relationship. Never ever let love die, always be romantic lovers.

Romance in marriage is an essential ingredient. Tell each other on a daily basis that you love them, always respect their opinions and attitudes and endeavor to compromise when there is a degree of conflict of opinion on a matter.

We have known couples who just couldn’t let go and refused to communicate sometimes for weeks on end.

Some romantic tips for men.

Do and say what is important to her, from complimenting her on her looks to telling her that you appreciate the way she prepares the meals and looks after the kids. In particular make sure that you tell her how very important she is to you and how you admire her.

Pick the right time to compliment your wife otherwise she may feel that you have an ulterior motive… we’re sure that readers will know what we mean.

Ensure that she gets some quality time to herself without the children… it’s pretty tough being a mother and looking after a household. Get her to relax after dinner, clear the table and look after the dinner dishes, bathe the kids and read to them.

There are a multiplicity of ways that men can take the pressure of the daily grind away from their wives.

Some romantic tips for women.

Men also need to be assured that they are loved. Make the effort to tell him how much you love him and that you appreciate his particular role as a husband and father.

Quote examples to back up your comments. Enquire about his day at work and praise him for any positive contributions he has made in the work place and around the home.

“I love you” – are those 3 little words in your vocabulary?

These are words that both men and women love to hear, don’t just repeat them like a mantra but really mean it. Whisper sweet nothings to each other, hold hands, touch each other – even a light pat on the shoulder conveys a romantic message.

Romantic lovers should tell each other constantly how much they value and appreciate their relationship.

Some people do have some difficulty in saying “I love you” so how about saying “I love all the things you do for me”, “I love you putting your arms around me”, I love the way you dress”, “I have always loved the way you have looked after yourself” and so on.

Of course the “three little words” have more impact and convey a more loving message.

With a little practice, those who have found “I love you” difficult to say, discover that they will slip off the tongue quite easily.

Consider having romantic candle lit meals together… appropriately dressed!! You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to do this. If for some reason that’s not possible at home, get in a babysitter and go out on a date together to a quiet restaurant then perhaps take in a romantic movie.

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”
-Tom Robbins

Sex is an important part of a marriage.

Frequency is not so important – what is important is that both partners are in the mood for this most intimate of acts. The preparation for lovemaking can start many hours prior to the act itself… perhaps even with a subtle suggestion in the morning as the couple say their goodbyes.

If your marital intimacy has become rather routine how about trying to spice it up a little by firstly showering, or bathing in a soapy bubble bath together with a glass of wine at hand and perhaps by dimming the lighting and having soft music playing.

Some of our clients have found that their lovemaking has improved by avoiding the bedroom and making love on the couch, on the floor in front of the fire… and so on.

“The way we treat each other outside the bedroom affects what happens inside the bedroom.”

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