Marriage and Money: The Issues and How To Handle Them?

Is money a threat to marriage?

It is an established fact that the main causes of most marriage break ups relate to issues of sex and money…

In the present economic climate even families who in the past have considered themselves to be well off are suffering. In fact they feature quite prominently in recent surveys which indicate that over a quarter of the population of many first world countries are in financial difficulties.

Marriage and Money can be a volatile mix.

Money problems can be the source of stress, illness, extramarital relationships and divorce.

Almost 20% of divorced men questioned in a recent survey cited money problems as the reason for their marriage breaking up.

Money tends to rule our lives whether you have it or lack it. There is no doubt that it is a major complicating issue in a marital relationship.

Marriage and money management.

Many financial experts suggest that in the early stages of marriage, when both parties have independent disposable incomes, that they should maintain their own checking accounts and have a common account which they both contribute to for general expenses.

In this way the partners can make their own decisions concerning saving and spending. In other words they are totally and individually responsible for their own financial position.

Some may disagree with this concept and it is true that often one side of a partnership may be more frivolous with their money than the other, however sometimes this can be sorted out by agreeing to run a combined savings account which both contribute to on regularly determined occasions.

Children, marriage and money.

With the advent of the arrival of children in a marriage the dynamic will change. One partner may have to become a care giver with the resultant loss of one income. At this time it is wise to ensure that spouses spend time working together on a budget that will ensure that all financial obligations and savings targets can be met.

There are many excellent budget advisers and financial planners available to assist with this process if necessary.

Budget planning – how to go about it.

This is a matter that should not be undertaken lightly… don’t use guess work. Just remember that money problems can lead to an unstable marriage. Treat your budgeting planning seriously.

Discuss your current and future needs and requirements in an atmosphere of complete honesty and openness. Do you really both need expensive cars? Is your house costing you too much? Would it be better to move to a cheaper neighborhood? What about things like club and gym memberships… are you really taking full advantage of them? Are you spending too much money on coffee, entertainment and clothing? The list is virtually endless.

Also set financial goals. Make sure that you both agree with them. Modify them if necessary in the interests of harmony.

Don’t be concerned about changing your goals somewhere down the track… circumstances are continually changing so no goal should be absolutely set in stone.

Contrary to popular opinion, marriage and money can definitely be compatible, it just takes goodwill, communication and the desire to ensure that money issues never get in the way of a happy marriage.

What if you can’t deal with your money problems?

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