We are a married couple and have both worked in various consultancy businesses including relationship counseling and  human relations for over 20 years. However we are now concentrating exclusively on providing online marital advice.

Our objective is to advise couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marital relationship of effective ways of restoring the love that they initially felt for each other.

Most people tell us that the reason they came to our site was because they were looking for the answer to a question that they couldn’t quite bring themselves to ask. That is…  “How can I bring about the change that I need in my marriage?”

It’s actually quite simple….
Everything you have ever wanted out of life will be yours once you learn the secrets to helping yourself and influencing those standing in your way.

Hopefully on our site you will find the answers to your quest for a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Our very best wishes,

Brad & Michelle Richie