Stopping Divorce: Best Solutions

In the western world, it is a sad fact that almost more marriages end in divorce than those that survive…

A couple of generations ago the wedding vow “till death do us part” was a genuine commitment that both parties to a marriage took seriously.

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons that is not often the case today and many couples are just not interested in learning about stopping a divorce and making an attempt to breathe fresh life into their marriage.

Nobody ever said it would be easy.

Nothing prepares you for the life change that you undertake in marriage. Nobody said it was going to be a bed of roses and that all days and nights will be perfect and that marital bliss will last forever.

There is no manual that comes with the marriage license that tells you how to make things work or how the process of stopping divorce can be managed.

However if there is will on both sides of a relationship there are positive steps that can be taken to stop a divorce, save your marriage and strengthen the bond between you both.

First. – If the marriage has become humdrum or a little stale, try dating each other again. Make the effort to do some of the things you did when you were courting… take in a movie, walk in the park, kiss each other on parting and coming together, get away for a romantic weekend together without the kids.

Second. – If there is a reason for your marital problems you both need to recognize and discuss the problems and see if a solution can be worked through together. If you need help to do this then get it.

Third. – Make an effort to tell your partner how much you appreciate them. We all neglect to compliment our spouses on their efforts, often to the point where they may become resentful and feel that they are being taken for granted. You would be surprised how often this comment surfaces in marriage counseling sessions.

Fourth. – Communicate in a caring way by both words and deeds. Share your plans and dreams, touch each other in a loving way and regularly tell each other that you love them. Couples all over the globe give up on their marriages every year, and many do so needlessly. If they knew what to do to open the lines of communication and talk to their partners, they could save themselves a lot of stress and heartache.

Fifth. – Make time for each other even if you have to schedule it. Many couples have a routine whereby they set aside a certain evening at home sitting together with a glass or two of wine and watch a movie. Others have a specific night set aside for intimacy, others plan exclusive times for family and picnics together. Don’t be concerned that you feel that your life is not spontaneous anymore, it’s important to set goals around what you consider are necessary to assist with the survival of your marriage.

With so many marriages breaking up every year and the resulting effect it has on families, it is important that you should at least try stopping the possibility of divorce and give yourself and your marriage every opportunity to succeed.

“When a man and a woman are able to decode each other, they can truly learn to compromise and negotiate … when they are unable to decode each other, their relationship comes to grief.”

Make the decision NOW to stop your divorce.

When you are on the edge of divorce but desperately want to prevent it from happening, it is often difficult to know who you should turn to for real guidance.

You may have tried the techniques that we have outlined above but nothing seems to be working.

If you are in this situation we highly recommend a marriage guide that has helped countless couples step back from the brink of divorce and go on to lead happy successful marriages.

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