Saving a Marriage: Simple Tips

Understanding the root causes of marital problems…

The stress and sheer mental energy required in saving a faltering marriage can often be difficult to manage and may lead to mild or even severe depression…

Life frequently seems to throw us a curved ball and matters that we have little power over stack up and get on top of us. These may include the death of a family member or death of a close acquaintance, yours or your partners bad health, or maybe the loss of a job or other valued position.

These circumstances may often be the cause of mild or severe stress or even depression. It is vitally important that couples who want to keep their relationship together need to:

  • Communicate their thoughts and feelings to each other…
  • Seek professional advice or help.

Saving a marriage is not just a simple matter of both spouses just agreeing with each other to make positive changes in their approach to their relationship… they must actively participate in doing so.

Males and females behave quite differently when confronted by negative occurrences, men tend to suppress their feelings while women, are more inclined to openly display theirs and want to talk about their concerns.

The lesson from this is that you should not expect your spouse to act in a similar manner to a given situation as you would.

Help with marriage issues.

If you are keen on saving your marriage when grief has had a negative impact on your relationship then this is most certainly a circumstance where the involvement of a counselor is called for.

We have had many years experience of dealing with troubled marriages and 9 times out of ten most relationship problems are caused by minor matters that have simply been allowed to fester.

Often this is as a result of stubbornness on the part of one party who may be unwilling to make changes in attitude or approach. However the fact that disregarded minor issues can grow into more serious issues should never be discounted.

The effort required in saving a marriage is not necessarily onerous, it may be just a matter of implementing some very simple adjustments to the relationship dynamic – for example:

  • Open up to your spouse and let them know how you feel about your relationship and the troublesome areas in your marriage. Always make sure that you communicate in such a way that it doesn’t cause offence or resentment. Listen to your partners point of view, make compromises if that’s what it takes, and then both pledge your commitment to the changes.
  • Make an effort to expand your relationships with friends, family and neighbors and cultivate deeper relationships with your existing friends. Involvement with other people can have a marvelous therapeutic effect on your well being.
  • Try to see joy in everything you do, laugh and joke with your lover and above all ensure that you spend lots of private time together.
  • Make a real effort to increase the intimacy in your marriage. Intimacy includes not only sex but also touching, sitting closely together and telling your partner on frequent occasions of your love for them.

Do you need extra support?

If you are suffering from mild or even severe depression from problems that you are having with your marriage it may be difficult to conjure up the right mindset to try and get things back on track.

Relationship counselor and author Amy Waterman in her guide “Save My Marriage Today” will provide you with the keys to help save your marriage and sort out your marital problems in easily understood and practical ways.

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