Relationship Advice: For Men & Women

Here’s some relationship advice for both men and women that will help you have a better relationship with your SO.

Relationship advice for men.

  • Know what your wife wants out of life. A woman may not always reveal what it is she wants but instead may tell you what she thinks you want to hear. Dig deep and really find out about her opinions, desires and wishes.
  • Be generous with your time. Make sure that you spend adequate “quality time” together and above all communicate in a loving and affectionate manner.
  • Be confident. Women appreciate a confident man. However don’t overdo it to the point of arrogance.
  • Look after the little things. Small gestures such as breakfast in bed on occasions, or helping with a task that she doesn’t have time to do, are a great way of showing your appreciation and affection.
  • Look after yourself. Don’t “slum it” at the weekends, still dress neatly and shower and shave. This goes a long way to showing respect for your wife.
  • Show appreciation. Make sure that she knows that you don’t take her for granted.
  • Other women. Don’t ogle or flirt with other women in front of your wife. No woman likes to feel that their husband may appreciate another woman more than themselves.
  • Keep her happy and make her laugh. Laughter is a great therapeutic pickup in times of stress.
  • Friends and family. Make a real effort to bond with her circle of friends and family. A woman relies on her family and social network to validate her relationship choices.
  • Change your routine. Don’t let your marriage become humdrum and routine. Always be on the lookout for new adventures and ways of involving you both in new and exciting changes.
  • Personal criticism. Be careful here. This is something that needs to be handled with kit gloves … women are very sensitive to any form of personal criticism.
  • That time of the month. Be sensitive to the emotional swings that can occur around the same time each month. Sensitivity in this regard will surely win you brownie points.

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Relationship advice for women.

  • Give him special attention. Engage him in light conversation about the things he loves to talk about, even if you find the subjects boring. Cook him his favorite meal from time to time … food is always of interest to men.
  • Seek his opinion. This is a great way to enhance married relationships. We are aware of a woman who rarely does anything without seeking her husbands opinion … she asks for it then does her own thing. It keeps them both happy.
  • Planning special occasions. Don’t always leave this to your husband. Show him that a special occasion means as much to you as it does to him. He will really appreciate your efforts.
  • Be spontaneous. Whether it be organizing a special meal at home, encouraging lovemaking or hiring a movie for you both to watch in front of the fire. Spontaneity can add that sparkle to a married relationship and keep his interest and love and affection alive.
  • Look after yourself. Men love their wives looking attractive. Don’t let a day go by without attending to your makeup, hair and clothing.
  • Intellectual. Don’t ignore your education even if the kids are taking up most of your time. Read as many stimulating novels and non fiction books as you are able. Keep up with the news and current affairs. Join groups that will provide mental stimulation. Men really appreciate women who are able to converse on many levels.
“Have a lifelong affair with your mate.”

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