Married Relationships: They Need Work

What are the building blocks of a working marriage?

Most newly married couples start their married lives wanting a happy and long lasting relationship.
So what can be done to ensure that love endures?

There are some simple procedures to making married relationships work and to ensure that they remain happy, loving and enduring:

  • Always support and respect your spouses decisions whether in public or in private. Sure you can disagree with some of their reasons but always do so in private, in a loving way, never argumentatively. Just bear in mind that we all have our individual opinions on various matters and often there is no right or wrong way.
  • Trust your spouse, and show them that you do, and that you have complete faith in them to always do what is right and in both of your best interests.
  • Let your spouse know that you are always there for them.
  • Do as much as you can TOGETHER.
  • Be generous with your praise. And do so in public as well as in private.
  • Give your spouse space to solve their own problems, unless they ask for help.
  • Always listen to their point of view even if you don’t agree with it.
  • Provide encouragement while still pointing out or bringing up alternatives.
“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.”
-Anthony Robbins


This is so true, it matters little if you have all the luxuries and money that you want but have no solid relationships.

We all have the ability to establish, protect and nurture our married relationships however, many of us put important and troubling relationship matters on the back burner when we should be giving them our utmost attention.

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Relationship building and rebuilding.

Communicate your concerns. Make sure all the issues you have regarding your partners appearance or bad or annoying habits are placed on the table. Of course you will need to do this in a diplomatic way so as not to cause offence.

Getting issues of concern out in the open early prevents these issues being raised in moments of anger and consequently reduces the possibility of the tarnishing of your relationship.

Keep fun alive. Do interesting and fun things on the spur of the moment. Like a night away at a special location or a candle lit dinner at home just for the two of you. A couple we know leave each other amusing and loving notes in places where their spouse is sure to find them.

Married couples should pretend they are still going steady! Ultimately, the idea is to have fun and spend quality time with each other to prevent the relationship from getting stale.

Common interests. It is important to have some interests in common. Male and female interests don’t always coincide, however there are always areas such as sport, movies, and clubs that cater for both male and female interests.

Whatever it is, a common interest provides a strong bond that will go a long way to making married relationships last.

Intimacy. Read our page on romantic lovers, this will give you inspiration… Add a touch of romance to every single day of your life … Make your partner feel loved and your partner is sure to reciprocate that love.

Friendship. In addition to romance and intimacy it is important to develop a strong bond of friendship to enhance your relationship and carry you both happily through your married lives together.

Love, affection, trust and commitment. These are the most major and important aspects of marriage that help make a relationship last forever!

“Identify the fears, prejudices and any false expectations you bring from your childhood – they tend to distort your perception of your partner.”
-David Riddell

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