How to Find Your Soulmate using the Law of Attraction

Learning how to find your soul mate does not have to be a difficult experience.

And by following the principles of the Law of Attraction you can find the partner of your dreams.

Just follow these simple guidelines and watch how the Universe delights and astounds you.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction means that like attracts like – or in a nutshell—the vibration you emit attracts others of a similar vibration. It also means, and this essential point is often overlooked by many people … what you focus on expands! So if you spend your time thinking about and talking about the lack of a perfect partner in your life… this is what will be showing up in your life. No Partner!

This is fantastic news because once you understand this, you can do something about who you attract into your life.

It gives you the power!

And it gives you freedom!

All you now have to do is to become aware of the vibration you are emitting. Or, in other words, become aware of how you are feeling.

So the first step in how to find your soulmate is to start to learn about who you are

What are you thinking about? How are you feeling? Are you thinking about the past, the future or are you focused on the present? This process of looking within can unearth many nuggets and help you take stock of who you truly are. Just be honest and don’t beat yourself up!

All thoughts and emotions are ok. Once you acknowledge them they can then pass by or you can change them if you want to. Regardless of how you are feeling right now, you have the power and the choice to change how you are feeling. You are in control!

The second step in how to identify your soulmate is to be clear about what you truly want in a relationship

You can write a list of the qualities you find attractive and the values that are important to you. Write down the characteristics of your perfect partner and be clear about what is important to you.

You can even make a vision board. Collecting beautiful pictures and putting them together can have a positive effect on how you feel and also on your vibration. By deciding what you truly want helps to send a very clear message to the Universe.

If you are sending mixed messages to the Universe then people you don’t really want in your life will keep showing up!

The third step in how to find your soulmate is to believe

To shift your vibration and help your soulmate show up in your life you need to have a belief that all this is possible. You want to believe that the person you want to attract is out there and that you will find them!

Be aware of any negative thoughts you have such as ‘all the good ones are taken’ and replace these thoughts with ‘I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting my soulmate.’

And stop any complaining, whining or ‘victim talk’ to friends or family about any lack in your life!

Try using these Love Affirmations

Love is passionate, kind and completely available to me

I am worthy of being loved

Loving feels amazing and so does being loved

The one that I love is being drawn closer and closer to me

Keep in mind when learning how to find your soulmate that you are wanting the Universe to organize things so that your soulmate  comes to you. But by all means go out and enjoy lots of dates, start a new hobby or take more classes. Have a passionate and enthusiastic life! Make each day memorable by doing something different.

The more fun you have the more attractive your vibration. And the vibration you are emitting is the key to attracting your soulmate.

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