Can You Really Attract your Perfect Partner?

“Won’t life be just wonderful when…….”

Practically everybody who is looking for their perfect partner is so hyper-focused on that blissful day when “the one” will appear that they forget about the present.

As if life right now cannot possibly be wonderful, in the absence of a romantic partner.
If you find yourself doing more hoping and dreaming than living and enjoying, you have a case of FOMO …. fear of missing out!

FOMO says, “You must be in a relationship before you can have fun, before you can travel, before you can buy a home, before you can… and if you aren’t in a relationship, life is a waste and you’re missing out.”
As if what you are doing now isn’t good enough; as if you can’t be happy because what you want isn’t in your life!

Take a step back and ask yourself, “What will happen when I find the perfect partner?” Will life suddenly become all butterflies and rainbows?
Of course not.

Yes, life with your perfect partner will be sweeter in some respects, but don’t miss out on life waiting for it to start, because you could be waiting a long time. Then there will be all those regrets about not having lived because you were too busy looking for your ideal mate.

You can’t sit in your living room and wait and wait, while life goes on without you.
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Sit and wait… how sad!
And realize … it makes you totally uninteresting to any prospective mates.

Life isn’t just about the goals. It’s all about the journey.

Ironically, to attract the perfect partner, you have to be happy now. You really do. You have to be radiant and happy.

You can’t be all “doom-and-gloom, life sucks because I’m single”! No! You’ll just drive people away.
The secret to becoming radiantly attractive to others is to love the heck out of life right now. Appreciate every minute, even the moments that have absolutely nothing to do with your goal.
Be grateful even for the moments that seem to get in the way of your goal (as in ..working too much to ever “put yourself out there.”)
Make every moment exquisite and important, not something to be rushed through on the way to something better.
THIS is life. Not what lies in the future.

It’s good to be laser focused on a big goal. But do not avoid missing out on life while focused on your goal of finding your perfect partner. Make it a point to see every moment and everything you do in those moments, as a miracle.

What you’re doing now is important and miraculous.
Don’t argue … even if you’re just scrubbing the toilet, you are doing something important. Focus on the miracle of the masterful synchronicity between your mind and body that allows you to perform these simple tasks!
You may be lying in your hammock in the shade wondering where to go to meet “the one” – that’s a moment that you could be enjoying the sensation of cool air on your skin, the sound of birdsong, the smell of wildflowers… and at the same time visualising your perfect mate enjoying the scene with you.

Make your goal of meeting a perfect mate a PART of the grand tapestry of your life.
It is not the pinnacle achievement after which life will start. No way. You’re living right now, so you may as well make the most of it, and truly nothing will make you more attractive to someone than your zest for life!
The rest of your life will not pale in comparison to the day when you meet “the one” – not if you acknowledge the miracles in every moment.

Revel in these moments… whether you’re chasing after screaming kids, trying to achieve a silent mind in meditation, doing laundry, dealing with your boss or just going for a walk… you ARE living. Now. You’re not missing out. This is your life, right now.

The more you can make the choice to be happy now, the faster you will attract your ideal mate.
Infuse your daily life with appreciation, joy and enthusiasm. Every day count your blessings.
Do this and you won’t suffer from FOMO.

FOMO only strikes when you forget that you’re living right now and you start wishing your life away in favor of some future awesomeness. Life is not going to start then. It started a loooooooooong time ago. You’re in the thick of it now. Become the perfect partner for your ideal mate. Know that your perfect partner is out there, looking for you! Right now.

Think about how attractive the qualities of enthusiasm, happiness, energy and optimism are and make a point of embodying them … Now!

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