Are You in a Bad Marriage? – Find Out

Many married couples elect to endure a bad marital situation for a number of reasons. If you’re experiencing a bad marriage you may not be the first one to realize it.

Spouses who’ve come from homes where their parents suffered from a disfunctional marriage often think that this is the norm. They watched their parents be reconciled to a loveless marriage for the sake of the children.

They grow up with a misapprehension of how a family should function. Then, when they encounter a similar rocky marital situation they do nothing but roll with the punches… sometimes literally.

Signs of a bad marriage include no communication, no intimacy and no affection. There could also be physical and verbal abuse. If the husband or wife invents excuses to stay away from home then something is wrong. Without talking to each other there can be no hope of rectifying the situation. You must seek solutions together, accept what’s wrong and discuss change.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into a state of denial. You may think that marriage is sacred and fear seeking help for fear of failure.

Others mark time in a bad marriage for the sake of the children or they’re fearful of hurting friends or members of the extended family. Don’t become a martyr purely to protect the feelings of others. Admit your situation and seek help.

Don’t rely on time curing a troubled marriage… unfortunately it’s very rarely the case. People hold on to the hope that they can salvage the marriage themselves and wait many years to finally give in and seek therapy or counseling. More than half the couples who seek a third party’s advice manage to save their marriage.

The depressing news is that only one percent of couples seek therapy or counseling. You may know what the problems are but are afraid to admit them to yourself. Practicing marriage counselor and broadcaster Lee Baucom has written a best selling marriage guide entitled Save The Marriage eBook. In this he provides professional advice and practical remedies for most of the problems that couples encounter in marriage. If you would like to take a look at the details click here.

Living in a troubled marriage can also adversely affect your health. Studies have shown that a bad marriage can lead to poor health and stress, not only for you but often the entire family. The constant stress and despair increases the risk of depression, eating disorders and coronary problems. It also lowers the body’s resistance to sickness and disease.

Don’t be embarrassed by your situation and consequently remain quiet and submissive. A bad marriage can be repaired with love, respect and a commitment to resolve the problems.

You must be honest with yourself and decide if your marriage is worth saving. Most marriages are, but the decision is ultimately yours and your partners.

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