6 Certain Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

You had this forever relationship, and now you have had a break up. You’ve been down in the dumps and decided to move on but all of a sudden, to your surprise, there are signs your ex wants you back.

How to tell if your ex wants you back…


If you hear from your ex in any way, text, phone, email, through friends or carrier pigeon, the indication is someone wants to talk.

This is the first real indicator and you start to think… does my ex want me back?

Change of behaviour  

As communication develops, you notice behaviour that is different from previous behaviour. Perhaps where they used to be very selfish and demanding,  your ex is now more considerate and caring. The interactions with your ex are calm and pleasant.  The annoying and irritating behavior that you had previously experienced has gone.


Positive message may be delivered in small doses . We all like to have meaningful compliments about ourselves. A boosting of self esteem is  a form of flirting if it comes from the opposite sex and carefully doled out you will want to hear more. You may find yourself responding positively to the positive  messages your ex is now sending.

Happy days  

Your ex will talk about things that both of you enjoyed during your past relationship. Memories about the special times, places and people that meant so much to you both will be recalled. Mind tricks like these to bring love back with your shared happy memories will remind you that it all may be possible again.

Sweet Words

Another indicator that your ex may be reaching for reconciliation includes how you address each other. If sugar, babe, honey or sweetie are used, very clear signs your ex still loves you are being sent.

Soft Touch

Physical contact, a gentle touch on the shoulder or hand show that what caused you to break up and was keeping you apart is now not what it was.

You know, sometimes, in a relationship, everything seems so perfect that you are just certain that you and your partner are meant to be a couple forever. But often that is just not what happens.

Relationships are complicated, there’s no doubt about that!

In fact, people are complicated. Sometimes things don’t turn out to be exactly how you expected.

New lovers often think that their hobbies and interests are the same and they just click with each other. But, as a relationship develops, unexpected cracks may develop.  Complications arise, unforeseen differences of thought and opinion, arguments over small things and after an argument and heated words, you wonder if you made the right choice after all.

Raised voices, disagreements, name calling…you find yourself thinking that it is all over. This doubt leaves you open to the advances and attractions of others. So, the relationship ends and you start seeing other people. But sometimes the bonds from your previous relationship are holding you back.  You still have feelings for your ex and if you are not a complete “Shallow Hal”, you may even get signs your ex wants you back too.

The serious question you must face is… do you want to get back together?

How to know if ex wants you back…

To restore that previous relationship and get love back can be emotional and stressful. You need to be certain that you have read the signs that make it absolutely clear that your ex wants you back. And you need to be certain you want to get back together with your ex.

If you are still holding onto hurt, anger and frustration from your previous relationship then you need to take things slowly. No matter how eager your ex is to be back with you, you have to be certain that to get back with your ex is what you want and are prepared to make the extra effort required to make it work.

You may feel flattered with all the extra attention, but you have to be sure you will be able to communicate honestly about what worked in your past relationship. To get love back means you have to be able to fix any problems.

When you are completely sure your ex wants you back, start the process of getting back together with rules and guidelines to help you.

After all you don’t want to go through all that heart break again – do you?

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