2nd Chance Program – HONEST Review (2019)

This “2nd Chance” guide has been compiled by Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman.

Mirabelle and Amy have provided separate male and female editions in recognition of the fact that men and women have entirely different approaches to relationships. They contend that to be successful with the reconciliation process there is a definite need to understand how the mind of the opposite sex works.

Ending a relationship and losing someone you love from your life can be one of the most frustrating and defining moments in your lifetime, and it’s hard to know what’s the right thing to do when you are trying desperately to turn things around.

Here’s just a small selection of what’s covered in this 2nd Chance guide:

  • The CRITICAL step you must take to maximize your chances of getting back together with your ex… 90% of people fail at this step, not because it’s difficult, but because they don’t know how necessary it actually is… and why.
  • 5 essential tips what to do and say if you meet your ex unexpectedly. Also, discover what to do if you bump into them with their new partner.
  • Exactly what to do and say to your ex in phone conversations, texts, emails, public encounters and private encounters.
  • Friends can work to your disadvantage as much as to your advantage. Learn how to use them to help you get back together with your ex.
  • How to get your ex to initiate contact with you following a break up.
  • The 5 conversations that YOU DON’T NEED to have with your ex following a break up . And how these conversations can actually HARM rather than HELP you.
  • Find out the top 5 ways that people try to win back their ex but fail. Don’t make these mistakes yourself!
  • The 3 essential communication techniques that you can be certain will help maximize your chances of winning back the heart of your ex… most people fail at these!
  • The 3 traits that you MUST master if you’re going to move from merely being acquaintances to to being lovers again.
  • What to do if your ex is seeing someone else.
  • Discover EXACTLY when to make contact with your ex, and how to act, what to say and what to do when you see them again.
  • There are some specific things that ALMOST EVERYONE does when trying to get back together with their ex that usually kills any chance they’ve got. Learn what not to do, and more importantly, what you should do.
  • Learn how to make sure that the love in your relationship increases by leaps and bounds every day and every week after you get back together. Using these principles, you’ll create a relationship that is so much more amazing than your past relationship together.
  • Learn how to work through arguments and how to grow together rather than apart.
  • In the 7th section of this book there is a series of reader questions and practical answers to them. Every person has different problems and it isn’t always clear how to apply a general principle to their situation. One of the reader questions will be sure to describe YOUR situation to a T!

This guide is practical, straightforward and easy to follow. It is just as relevant to unmarried relationships as it is to married ones.

We have reviewed many guides that suggest quite nonsensical solutions to reconciliation, Mirabelle and Amy’s “2nd Chance” guide however covers all the essential steps necessary to maximize your chances of getting your ex back without the begging, manipulation, or silly games that many people play or that other authors suggest.

The problem we have found over many years of dealing with relationship breakups is that when endeavoring to get an ex back often a person’s first instincts and actions in this regard are the ones that are likely to do the most damage.

Begging, crying, pleading, threatening, getting another partner to make them jealous, doing anything to get the attention you are craving, are all things that are going to reinforce the fact that the breakup was the right thing to do.

If you are serious about saving your marriage or rescuing your relationship and winning back the love of your ex partner then to our mind this 6-step plan is going to deliver something pretty substantial.

When we took a look at how much genuine and totally workable information is in these guides we were truly impressed.

This is no ordinary ebook. At a whopping 174 pages, it’s much, much more.

P.S. We have been advised that for a limited time Mirabelle and Amy are offering some really special bonuses with their guide.

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