13 Sure Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

He’s Gone… now how do you tell if your ex wants you back?

Not all relationships should be resurrected.

You may never want to see each other again, or, you may end up as good friends.
If you’re wondering if your ex still loves you and wants you back, here are the telltale signs. (Please note, I’m using “he” but this applies to both sexes):

1. He isn’t dating, or, if he does go out post-breakup, he’ll ask his friends not to tell you.

2. He is keeping an eye on you. It might be as “innocent” as “bumping into” you at your favourite hangout or “liking” your posts on Facebook – or it could be outright stalking (in which case, please call the police!).

3. He wears his broken heart on his sleeve and publicly shares his emotions with mutual friends. He may confide in them privately, too, hoping that word will get back to you.

4. The “loose ends” contact. If he calls or asks to have coffee to talk about his mistakes and how he could have done things differently, it’s clear that he want to give the relationship another try. If he talks about feelings, and how wonderful the relationship was, how awesome you are, how you’re still on a pedestal… etc., he’s trying to soften your heart. Of course, beware of “I promise to change!”
If he is going to change, make sure he’s working on it right now, before you even consider going back into the relationship.

5. If you are dating someone else, he acts extremely jealous and wounded.

6. Drunk calling/texting. Alcohol is liquid courage, and is the impetus for many a late-night drunk text that gushes with love.

7. Phone calls asking how you’re doing and if you’re okay. Friends do this, but a lovelorn ex would do this more often.

8. The puppy dog eyes. If you are in the same place at the same time, he has those lost puppy dog eyes that see only you. If he acts very dramatic – like it’s the end of the world – when you tell him to go away, it’s really a plea for another try.

9. Sweetness. If he still loves you, he’ll be extremely warm and friendly (probably even more so than when you were together).

10. Clinging to memories. If he doesn’t hesitate to remind you of good times you had, he wants you to remember those special times too, in hopes that it will rekindle love.

11. Waiting around. If he is always at your beck and call, he’s trying to win you back.

12. Touching. Given half a chance, a lovelorn ex will try to touch you – even a quick hug or peck on the cheek will be done with a lot of softness, or more electricity.

13. Finally, the most obvious way to tell if your ex wants you back is the spoken words “I miss you.”

Once you are sure your ex wants you back, what will you do about it?

Are YOU interested in resurrecting your relationship?

Be very, very clear on what you want before you consent to giving it another try! Be honest with yourself and be more aware of your past motives and actions. Ask yourself questions like ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘How am I feeling about this?’ ‘Does this feel right to me?’

Go and sit in a quiet place and take three deep breaths. Then ask your question and check how it feels in your gut. If you are at all uncertain then take any steps to get back with your ex very slowly.

Does your ex want you back? Yes… probably.
But more importantly … what do YOU want?

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